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It is vital to identify all possible sources of air leakage in a building to ensure optimal energy efficiency. This involves a thorough examination of the doors, windows, skylights, roofing, chimneys, attic, siding, and heating/air-conditioning units. Checking each area for cracks, gaps, and inadequate insulation can help to prevent heat loss and reduce energy use.

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We will conduct a thorough assessment of your residence and provide you with a comprehensive report highlighting inefficiencies that can be fixed, upgraded, or sealed to enhance your energy efficiency. The report includes solutions to help you optimize your energy consumption and reduce your energy bills. With our expert guidance, you can make informed decisions that save money, decrease your carbon footprint, and improve your overall home comfort.

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We will proficiently gather, analyze, and present evaluation data to provide you with a comprehensive report. This report will highlight specific actions that can be taken to significantly decrease your energy bills. Contact us today to schedule your home energy audit and start seeing the benefits! Addressing air leaks can also improve indoor air quality by preventing drafts, and reducing moisture.

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